Building on a Legacy

Stober Group’s story began in 1957 when visionary builder, Al Stober, laid a foundation for growth in the Okanagan that blossomed over six decades into the development and construction of Stober Group communities throughout the region. From its inception as a construction company, Stober Group established itself as a leading community builder.

The Stober family legacy now flourishes under the guidance of the second generation, siblings Carolyn Stober and Ken Stober. Their ethos, deeply rooted in stewardship, fuels our commitment to responsible growth in the Okanagan.  Our core mission remains unchanged: to enrich the lives of those who find their homes and workplaces within our Stober Group of communities.

As we expand our endeavors to include meaningful placemaking and thoughtful strategies that put people at the centre of everything we do, we honour the roots of our founder’s legacy and continue our mission of community building and creating local prosperity for all.


At Stober Group, we are guided by a set of core values that form the foundation of our interactions, decisions, and initiatives. These values are integral to the way we operate, build relationships, and contribute to our communities. They reflect our commitment to fostering a positive impact both within our organization and in the broader community.

Empowering individuals to inspire progress and innovation, we foster a culture where every team member is encouraged to model, guide, and mentor positive change.

Instilling a sense of responsibility and pride in every endeavor, we champion accountability, ensuring the lasting impact and quality of our contributions to the community.

Building lasting connections, we value the power of collaboration and mutual respect, fostering a community where every interaction is an opportunity for growth and shared success.